Look familiar…?

In the spirit of Halloween, below are five partnerships between witches and cats that have featured in my life through books and films. Feel free to comment and add any of your favourites.

Mog – of the Meg and Mog series.
Meg was a witch who always seemed to be getting into mishaps through her spellcasting. Mog accompanied her on her adventures, along with their friend, Owl.

Gobbolino, the witches cat
Gobbolino was born a witches cat; but he doesn’t want to be. The story is terribly sad and I believe illustrates the need to belong. Despite the journey being melancholy, the ending is a happy one.

Greebo, the Discworld series
Anyone who has read the Discworld series with the witches in will know Greebo. He’s a street savvy tom whose witch still sees him as her little bundle of kittenhood. Greebo is a wonderful asset to the adventures of the three witches, and there’s some extremely comical character exchanges brought about by his behaviour.

Salem – Sabrina, the teenage witch
Recently revamped by Netflix, this character was originally first met by the public onscreen in the 90’s version of the programme with the same name. Salem is a wise familiar and helps Sabrina when she finds herself in situations she’s struggling with.

Thackery Binx – Hocus Pocus
Thackery has an interesting back story; he wasn’t always a cat. He was a young boy who found himself immortalised in feline form after crossing the three witches. In an attempt to stop them from returning, Thackery guards their house every Halloween.