Remember, remember…..

Although a lot of cats are entirely unphased by the fireworks on November 5th, there are some who are affected pretty severely by them and can become extremely distressed. There are some products on the market that may help to soothe the anxiety levels that occur in these felines, below is a list of a few I’ve been recommended.


Pet Remedy – a herbal compound, the product is sold as a diffuser, spray and wipe form so various requirements can be covered more efficiently. The all is one kit is available online for around £35.00.

Feliway – a synthetic pheromone that comes as either a diffuser or spray. Also readily available online, prices start at £20.00.

Serene-Um – a mix of acids, vitamins and minerals, available in tablet or drops form. Prices online start at around £5.00 for 30 tablets.

Zylkene – a capsule that contains a protein found in milk. Available online from around £10.00 for 20 capsules. (Chews are now also available but marketed more towards canine family members.)

There are other less well known products, and product reviews should indicate success levels at addressing the issue.

While there are products to help with anxiety levels available, there are other ways to address noise levels of fireworks. Manufacturers have produced silent fireworks and in some countries, this has become commonplace for use during celebrations. If you feel the U.K should follow suit, the petition requesting law changes for the use of fireworks is listed below.

A list of helpful tips courtesy of Chapel House Vets, Chesterfield.