On the move….

Something every family with a feline member needs is a cat carrier. I’ve noticed in recent years, that it’s been recognised carrier design may benefit from a little variety to suit people’s requirements. Obviously, this is logical. A good example of the fact would be the appearance of carriers based on a pushchair concept; for people who don’t drive, but live within walking distance of their veterinary practices. Carrying a traditional style carrier complete with a fully grown cat can be quite a challenge for some people, but with this type of design, it will be a lot less so.

While some of the more recent designs make perfect sense, others are a little concerning. The design I’ve seen that springs to mind is the emergence of the cat backpack carrier. They seem to start retailing at around £20 and vary in style. Due to the nature of their design, there has to be an optimum size which doesn’t appear to be all that large. The biggest concern for me, though, is that they’re not solely being marketed from a practical short journey perspective. They’re also being posted about on social media pages as a way to take your cat on walks with you.

Not all cats are the same. But I can’t imagine many cats being happy in a backpack for a prolonged amount of time. There’s no sense of control in the situation, or freedom to move away from it. There’s nowhere to toilet and I’d assume it a cat is in the carrier too long, the ventilation wouldn’t be optimum. And in a carrier of that design in the warmer weather, I can imagine the heat becoming extremely oppressive and potentially dangerous to a cats health, if they were contained for too long.

To date in my opinion, the best carrier I’ve found to use for my own family – for standard journeys in a vehicle – are the collapsible canvas type. Not only do they retail at reasonable prices, they also come in sizes that mean the cat doesn’t feel too confined and can be folded to be stored easily.

There are always exceptions to every rule, but I think it’s important to consider your own cats personality and needs before investing in any item that is to be used for them, just as you would if you were buying something for yourself.

Travelling is so much fun….
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