#look before you lock

#lookbeforeyoulock is an especially important thing to remember this time of year. A lot of us are trying to keep on top of unruly gardens that are flourishing due to the summer weather, which means places we store gardening tools are left open while we go about this task.

Cats are by nature, mostly curious animals. An open outbuilding will be a potential source of endless entertainment they feel compelled to check out.

Unfortunately, they also don’t recognise the risk of being trapped in sheds, garages and tool houses and will settle down for a respite after their investigations.

If you’re currently trying to regain control of your garden during the warmer weather, please remember the #lookbeforeyoulock rule. You may be saving someone a lot of distress and worry by doing so.

Look before you lock!

Stashing away your garden furniture or bike from the rain? Don't forget to #LookBeforeYouLock and ensure there's not a cat trapped in your shed, garage or outbuilding: https://www.cats.org.uk/check-your-shed

Posted by Cats Protection on Monday, August 13, 2018

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