I want to break free – a cat flap review

Following on from the previous blog about access to core territory, I’ve chosen to do a review.

In February 2014, I wrote about an older version of the Sureflap cat flap.

Since the last blog the company have worked on aspects of their product, and made changes to give both human and cat family members a little more freedom and peace of mind.

The most recent model, the Sureflap Connect, is an amazing piece of technology.

This model has the capacity to link up via a hub to the internet, and there’s an app you can download or access on your phone to check up on your cats.

The Connect charts your cats activity and gives you an idea of their daily behaviour.  Among its features are curfew settings and remote locking.

Simply put, it helps to set your mind at ease regarding your cat and their whereabouts.

There are a lot of amazing aspects to the Connect, and I don’t feel I’ll remember to mention them all. For more concise information regarding all the capabilities and functions, this is the link to the product on the official Sureflap site:


Final thought on this product; while the Connect is obviously not the cheapest cat flap on the market, it is one I would absolutely recommend if you can afford it.

Remote locking helps to reassure you of your cats whereabouts if you’re unable to check in easily.