In 2020, be more cat…

Cats have some wonderful life lessons that we should all try and live by a little more this year. Here are my top 5 from a list of 15 compiled by Kelly Sundstrum who is an award-winning journalist, author and artist.

Make sure you always have a curious spirit

Though your cat’s curious nature can often get him into a bit of trouble, it also allows him to take advantage of all that the world around him has to offer. Why not try tapping into your adventurous side by exploring the woods behind your house or researching a topic that has always interested you?

Choose your friends wisely

Your cat knows who she likes and who she doesn’t — and she’s not afraid to show it! While you may not want to wear your heart on your sleeve, being choosy about the company you keep is a good lesson to learn.

Get plenty of rest

There’s a reason a short snooze in the middle of the day is called a cat nap. Take a page out of their book and make sure you always get enough sleep.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation

Cats show you their gratitude in a number of ways: a loud purr, a squinty smile, a dead mouse at your feet. Learn from your cat and show your appreciation for those you love — maybe just not with a mouse.

Don’t get discouraged

The next time you get knocked down in life, you should follow your cat’s example and get right back up on your feet. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s important that you don’t let them prevent you from future successes.

Garfield nailing New Years resolutions…
(Courtesy of Jim Davis)