Winds of change….

Recently, the UK has had some extremely volatile weather. Even though the resident cats haven’t gone out nearly as much because of it, their behaviour is noticeably affected.

The changes made me recall an article a couple of years ago about a group of cats in Japan being filmed suddenly springing in to action moments before an earthquake. There’s a belief that cats are more sensitive to the seismic waves that precede this natural phenomenon, and that’s what causes the behavioural change.

I think to me this illustrates something clearly, and that’s the importance of learning your cat’s usual behaviour so you can recognise when a change in it indicates unhappiness or discomfort. The catalyst for the change may seemingly be a lot less significant to a human, but if it’s affecting your cat behaviourally the issue is obviously a challenge to them that may need addressing.

Communication is key, and a cats behaviour is their main way to convey information to us. Equally importantly, it will enable you to have a better bond with your feline family member.

Below is a link to one of the articles containing footage of the event in Japan in 2018. It’s amazing to watch, and has created a lot of discussion between scientists at the time it went viral.

A moment of calm before the earthquake….
(Image courtesy of YouTube still)