Sometimes you save them, sometimes they save you….

If you’re a fully-fledged ailurophile, you’ve no doubt heard of Bob the Street Cat. Bob has not one, but six books inspired and written about him by his human, James.

Sadly, on the 16th of this month, Bob passed away after it’s believed he was involved in a fatal road traffic accident.

The bond he and James developed during an extremely turbulent time in James life, and the motivation Bob gave him to get himself back on track is a wonderful illustration as to how big an emotional impact caring for a cat can have on someone; Bob provided a sense of purpose and worth when it was needed most. If you do a quick search online, you’ll discover this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Our feline companions provide reassurance, love, focus, and help us to recognise our responsibility when we care for them.

I’ve posted quite a few blogs about strays and ferals that have been helped by humans. But sometimes it isn’t us that saves them; sometimes, they save us.

James has set up a fundraiser for issues that are important to him. If you’re able to donate and want to know what they are, the link is below:

Rest Easy, Bob. You’ll be missed by more people than you could ever have imagined.

Bob, looking smart and rocking one of his trademark scarves….