I have always cared a great deal for animals, and cats are the species I find the most fascinating. The reason I trained in this area was because I wanted to help people reconnect with their feline companion if there was a communication breakdown, as it were. Or indeed, to establish a relationship in the first place! Ever since moving out of home in my late teens I’ve shared my home with cats. There have been nine permanent feline family members and various fosters as I also help with rescue work from time to time in that capacity.

I have studied Intermediate and Advanced Feline Psychology with the Animal Care College Ascot, Berkshire and received accreditation for my diplomas in August 2010.

I have also assisted people in a pro bono capacity with issues they’ve had with cats sharing their homes with positive results and continue to stay in contact with a couple of rescues to assist via email with advice and suggestions when behavioural issues arise.

I find this work both fascinating and rewarding and very much enjoy seeing relationships being rebuilt after the situations become less stressful for both parties.