“I would like to explain how you helped my cat so much.

I work in rescue but with dogs not cats so I was quite taken aback when I came home with a cat I rescued from a flat emaciated and covered in fleas and worms. Having limited knowledge of cats, I asked you for help and advice on feeding and general health.

I noticed that after all I had done my cat would hardly drink water and even milk I tried. Bella would appear to crave water she would sit on the bath when tap was running and even on the sink when I was running a tap. I left a tap running in the hope she may drink but she never did more than dip her paw in the water. She became lethargic I took her to the vets on 2 occasions as I was worried but tests showed nothing wrong. The vet agreed she was quiet and I explained she never drunk. He advised to syringe water but when I tried this later, she became nasty which was unlike her. At a total loss I mentioned one day to you what my problem was. Immediately you suggested and explained it maybe her bowl I gave her and to change it to a different type. I immediately tried it thinking surely this can’t be the reason. I changed the metal dish to a ceramic dish and within seconds Bella was drinking water. We could not believe something so easy was the answer. She drank a whole dish full we were completely shocked. Since then Bella drinks everyday as a normal cat would do. She transformed into a happy very playful cat instead of a lethargic lump of fur that hardly moved.

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful very sensible advice. Thank you.”

“I contacted Shonagh to ask for advice regarding cats using my flowerbed as a litter tray and received some fantastic advice. There is an area in my garden that I have set aside for my cats to use but they preferred the nice area with all the flowers! Shonagh suggested using “Scaredy cat” plants to deter them which has worked brilliantly!! I have even seen my cat using the ‘designated area’.”

“I first approached Shonagh when we were having difficulty coping with our kitten Myshka.

Although Myshka had come from a loving family environment she had social behavioural problems and never having had a kitten before (our previous cats had always been adult rescues) we had no idea how to overcome her problems.
The advice we received was first rate, professional, non judgemental and wow it worked!!

We have since taken on another young rescue introduced to us by Shonagh and the initial introduction of the pair was traumatic to say the least.
Again, she gave us first rate guidance on how to cope. The result is that we have two lovely happy companions who actually like each other and us!

We have no doubt we would have thrown in the towel had we not been able to resolve both issues.
I would recommend anyone with questions pertaining to their cat, to read Shonagh’s blog and not be afraid to ask her for advice. It’s invaluable.”

“I have used Shonagh’s advisory service twice with my two rescue cats and both times she has managed to completely resolve the issue without even having to meet my cats. As I’m London-based it wouldn’t be practical for Shonagh to come and consult at my home, but I would never think of finding someone closer to me because Shonagh has such a natural affinity and understanding of cats that there just wouldn’t be a need. Her knowledge and experience is second to none and she somehow manages to impart that knowledge without condescension or being patronising.

PS. When it comes to toileting issues she has all of the answers!”