A Christmas tail….

I got curious if there were any festive stories about cats. This isn’t quite what I was looking for, but here’s the story of Jólakötturin, the Yule Cat.

Jólakötturin – The Yule Cat

The Yule Cat (Jólakötturin) is a huge, vicious creature that lurks in the snowy Icelandic countryside, waiting to devour people who have not received new clothes to wear for Christmas. In rural societies, employers rewarded members of their household with new garments and new sheepskin shoes.

These gifts; a prize for doing good work, encouraged everyone to work hard on the lead-up to Christmas, and to this day Icelanders still find it important to wear new clothes on Christmas Eve when the celebrations begin. “Devoured by the Christmas cat” is said about those who don’t do so, or don’t receive a new garment as a gift.

The tales vary, and in some, Jólakötturin only eats their food and presents, not the actual people.

Jólakötturin is part of Gryla and the 13 Yule Lads family. If you’d like to know more about the entire folktale, it’s easy to find with a quick internet search.


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Hope everyone got new clothes for Christmas….



Information: National Geographic

Picture: ZME Science